Custom Searches

Can't find what you are looking for in the existing set of templates. By allowing users to communicate with the dataset using the "Cypher" Query language you can gain your own insights into your data.

Super Secure

The data never leaves your AWS account, with our unique control plane technology, the service is configured inside your own VPC avoiding any compliance issues.

Cloud Based

All of our systems are cloud native and always will be. The cost benefits and savings to you are always passed straight through via out transparent billing model.

Templates and Reports

We have included a wide range of reports and templates, curated by our top flight system engineers to help you hit the ground running with your visualistaions.

We are a real company

Feel free to communicate with us. We are not a faceless company, we like to talk and want to help you on your migration journey. We offer professional services; if you find the implementation of our product to daunting to manage on your own.

Training and Tutorials

We offer regular training courses plus online material to assist you in using our product to it's full potential. Our team really want to help you out on your migration journey.